Our database now has 703,956 FDA inspections

Just a quick update – the FDAzilla Enforcement Analytics database was updated with data through April 25, 2017. We typically refresh the inspections data every 3 weeks or so, pair new warning letters with inspections every week, and add new 483s, EIRs, and 483 response letters every month.

As of now, our database has:

And the best part is that it’s all linked together.

To find out more about Enforcement Analytics, check out this video or click here:

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2 thoughts on “Our database now has 703,956 FDA inspections

    1. Tony Chen Post author

      Great question. We request new 483s from the FDA every month, and, subsequently, we’re able to add almost 150 new reports to our store each month. So, the timing depends on the FDA. Sometimes we receive the 483s only 2 months after it was issued and other times it’s more.


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