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Our database now has 703,956 FDA inspections

Just a quick update – the FDAzilla Enforcement Analytics database was updated with data through April 25, 2017. We typically refresh the inspections data every 3 weeks or so, pair new warning letters with inspections every week, and add new 483s, EIRs, and 483 response letters every month.

As of now, our database has:

And the best part is that it’s all linked together.

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When Will the FDA Move On from Data Integrity?

The FDA has been writing up companies on data integrity since the year 2000. Even after all the horror stories, and even after billions of dollars of market cap have been erased from it, here we are in 2017, still talking about it.

Here is some troubling text from recent Warning Letters that cite data integrity:

“…our investigator observed your warehouse supervisor tearing out pages from your firm’s annual report and placing the pages into his pocket.”

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Why is No One Talking About This? 2016 was the Year the FDA Exploded on China

New data synthesized by FDAzilla has revealed several dramatic shifts with FDA inspection and enforcement activity.

The FDA issued 15 pharma GMP-related warning letters to manufacturing sites in China in 2016 – a 5-fold increase from years prior. China averaged 2.7 Warning Letters per year from 2013 to 2015.  This explosion was led mostly by infamous FDA investigator, Peter Baker, who performed 17 inspections in China in 2016, leading to 13 FDA Form 483s and 4 Warning Letters. Continue reading

10 Ways to Prepare for a GMP Inspection

How to Prepare for a GMP Inspection for Small and Virtual Companies

by Barbara Unger, GMP Quality Expert and GMP Regulatory Intelligence Editor-in-Chief

Preparing for GMP inspections, particularly pre-approval inspections, can be a challenge when resources are limited and staff may have little expertise in these important activities. This becomes especially complex for start-up companies that are virtual, or essentially virtual, and rely on contract manufacturers and contract laboratories.  Virtual firms are responsible for the content of the submission, release of product to the clinic or for commercial distribution and post approval safety reporting even though they may not manufacture API or dosage form.  The following are some suggestions for these firms to ensure a successful inspection outcome when they have limited experience in this activity and limited resources:

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