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The FDA Re-Org Has Begun. What Does it Mean for You?

by Barbara Unger, GMP Quality Expert, and GMP Regulatory Intelligence Editor-in-Chief


The FDA began a plan to align the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) into a ‘program based structure’ in 2013.  This reorganization is now being implemented. The ORA is the lead for all FDA field activities including inspections of regulated products and their manufacturers, and review of imported products.  Effective May 15, 2017, we enter the transition phase as the FDA moves to reorganize the ORA structure and function to align with the agency’s centers. The FDA provides information on each of the areas, including a ‘fact sheet’ and a ‘boundary map’ for these offices.

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We Learned 5 Things from 2014 FDA and EU GMP Drug Enforcement Actions

2014 proved to be another busy year for the FDA.  We asked Barbara Unger, President of Unger Consulting and Editor-in-Chief of GMP Regulatory Intelligence, to summarize her key take-aways from the enforcement actions of the FDA and EU in 2014. Here’s Barbara: Continue reading

How Does the Government Shutdown Impact FDA Inspections?

Half Open, Half Closed

The government is still shut down, though the FDA is still about half-open.  The question is: which half?

The government shutdown is now on day 9, with no end in sight. Based purely on our 483 sales data in the last 9 days compared to September data, we’re seeing a significant drop. It makes sense that FDA inspections have either slowed down significantly or stopped completely. It was reported earlier this week that 45% of the entire staff would be off. Continue reading