FDA conducted 40,000+ inspections in 2012

FDA conducted 40,000+ inspections in 2012

Actually, 41,129 to be exact. That’s almost 5 inspections per hour for the entire year of 2012. Based on new data that we obtained from the FDA, here are some other interesting statistics:

  • 2 inspections in Bangladesh
  • 1 inspection in Botswana
  • 223 inspections in China 
  • 241 inspections in India
  • 1 inspection in Guantanamo Bay
  • 16 inspections with companies with “Merck” in its name
  • 366 inspections in Alaska

If you’re interested in purchasing this list of inspections and 483s, we are offering it in our store for $199. Included in this spreadsheet are the following parameters: FEI Number, Inspection Date, Company Name, Address, and FDA 483 (Yes/No). Here’s a screen shot of a few row of the spreadsheet. (And click here to see what one week of the data looks like)

FDA inspections & 483s List 2012 in Excel Format

Purchase the entire list of 2012 FDA inspections and 483s in Excel Format>>

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by Tony Chen


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  7. […] The FDA conducted 40,000+ inspections in 2012 […]

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