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Why Isn’t Paper the Same as Electronic?

Most of us feel comfortable with paper records. We like to think they’re the same as electronic records. But we hear rumblings from GMP inspections that FDA doesn’t always share that view. Let’s explore a simplified, hypothetical example to help you understand the importance of “content” and “meaning” and avoid an unnecessary 483.

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FINAL Part 3: Invisible Ink in GLP and GCP Research

“I can’t promise success, but I can tell you I’ve been successful most of the time when I walk a scientist through their process. To that end, I make the following proposal, which I hope will start a conversation here and which can be continued with your company and with your service providers.”

Part 2: Invisible Ink in GLP and GCP Research

“When I started in the industry back in 1990, I was a statistical programmer. While none of us used the phrase ‘data integrity,’ the way we worked helped ensure data integrity.” This post dives deep into these questions: What game changing regulatory action happened in 1997? Why do we validate computer systems? Are there any regulatory provisions for draft GLP or draft GCP data?

Invisible Ink in GLP and GCP Research

I believe we’ve stepped off the trail to data integrity and that we’ve been lost for a while now. It’s time to stop, take our bearings, and see if we can work toward agreement on where the trail to data integrity is. It’s my hope that this post will help start a much needed conversation, which can be continued back home at your companies and with your service providers.

Follow the Trail to Find Data Integrity Problems

How Do I Follow The Trail? One of the most effective audits I ever participated in started with a systems-naive auditor asking a simple question: “Imagine I’m a sample arriving at your loading dock. What happens to me?” We proceeded down the trail together, following the sample through the processes of accessioning, analysis, reporting, and storage. While you can start [...]

How Do I Apply ALCOA To E-Records?

It’s easier than you think! Let’s... Start with a paper record example Explore how to apply ALCOA to electronic records Point out 3 warning signs on the trail to data integrity ALCOA in the Paper World ALCOA defines the generally accepted standard for GLP and GCP data quality and data integrity. Let’s use paper CRFs at a clinical investigator’s site as a starting [...]

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The Secret Life of (b)s

I recently discovered a gap in my education. Like you, I’ve seen my share of redacted 483s and EIRs. Those redactions are marked with a “(b)” followed by a number in parentheses. I’m normally a curious person, but it never occurred to me that those letters and numbers had a meaning. I had an aha (and color me red) moment [...]