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How to Do A Keyword Search in FDA Warning Letters

Want to learn how to do a keyword search in FDA warning letters? Watch the video or read the post below. We have about 15,000 warning letters in our database. You can search on any term or combination of terms in any of these documents. As an example, I’m going to search for “media fills”...

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The Secret Life of (b)s

I recently discovered a gap in my education. Like you, I’ve seen my share of redacted 483s and EIRs. Those redactions are marked with a “(b)” followed by a number in parentheses. I’m normally a curious person, but it never occurred to me that those letters and numbers had a meaning. I had an aha (and color me red) moment [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] The FDA, Warning Letters, and What to Expect in 2018

New synthesized data shows that total warning letters continued to climb in 2017. [NEVER MISS A WARNING LETTER: Start your 30 day free trial of the GMP Regulatory Intelligence Newsletter.] Outside the US Of course, this is part of the on-going trend of increased international inspection activity as the FDA "catches up" with the reality that 80% of all [...]

What Can Mid-Sized Food Companies Learn About FSMA from the Big Shots?

FSMA, signed into law by President Obama in 2011, made sweeping reforms within the food industry. For some, these reforms were necessary to enact sooner than others based on differing compliance dates. Large food companies came first, to be followed by smaller businesses. So how can mid-sized food companies look to those that have already been through the wringer [...]

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Week of Mar 4th 2018 | FDA Sent These Warning Letters to Pharma Companies

FDA posted six new warning letters this week including one to a compounding pharmacy and two to finished drug manufacturers. Both finished drug manufacturers are located outside the US. We address those below. Finished Drug Manufacturers: Zhejiang Ludao Technology Co., Ltd (Taizhou, China) received a warning letter on February 23th 2018 based on the outcome of an inspection ending [...]

GMP Regulatory Newsletter: Summary Scan | Week of 3/4/18

Laws, Regulations, Guidance, and Concept Papers It was a light week on the guidance front particularly from the EMA and the FDA. On the other hand: WHO published two drafts. Health Canada published a final revision to their drug GMPs. And, perhaps more important than all (I admit I’m prejudiced on the topic), is the final version of the [...]

GMP Regulatory Newsletter: Summary Scan | Week of 2/25/18

Laws, Regulations, Guidance, and Concept Papers FDA published four guidance documents this week: Two that address implementation of drug track and trace activities Two that focus more on medical and safety The EMA published one item focused on inclusion of excipients in labeling. The non-guidance set of publications includes items from the EMA, FDA, MHRA, CDSCO, and TGA. Also [...]

FSMA Inspection Checklist – What to Do 30 days, 30 hours, and 30 minutes Before Your Inspection

All of the articles and tips flying around the food industry regarding FSMA almost sound like a ticking clock -- reminding us that inspections are just around the corner. Practical steps for compliance are a necessity and most can be prioritized according to a certain time frame. In this article, we will discuss what should be accomplished 30 days, [...]

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